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Biomatric Solutions

Biomatric System is being adopted in many developed countries and it has produced brilliant result in employee productivity. Finger Print Time Attendance & Biometric Time Attendance Machine not only eliminates the chances of Proxy but it also in one way increase the employee productivity.

It is also beneficial for organization because the attendance report generation is just on one click. Card Punch Attendance Machine has also been in its obsolete phase and the old generation attendance register is not now used anywhere. Finger Print & Biometric Time Attendance machine have taken place of Card Punch machine.

Employee can be questioned on coming late & leaving early as well as it is easily identified to which employee is punctual and to reward the employee on work hour performed is very much easy, and for that employee productivity will boost up.

Finger Print is never same of two people, so proxy no way! The System installation is just as easy as plug and play.

There is Face Recognition Attendance Machine that is more advanced. RFID Technology have boost up in Time Attendance. Many Organizations in Pakistan have adopted this technology to be competitive with its customer.