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Outdoor Installations

Comptronics has gained a reputation for providing leading-edge and innovative CCTV systems installations and security camera solutions all over India using a combination of established and state-of-the-art technology.

Our CCTV security systems range from small entry-level packages through to multi-site networked installations, with thousands of cameras dispersed over wide geographical areas.

Drawing on our extensive expertise and experience, we can identify, deliver and install the most appropriate commercial CCTV solution to match your business needs.

In addition to designing, installing and maintaining digital CCTV security systems, we manufacture and supply a range of specialist CCTV systems, including Open Area Installations. Get end to end cctv solution for the following industries

  • Production Monitoring with focussed applications for Steel / Jute / Textiles etc.
  • Integration with Vehicle Tracking systems
  • Clear License Plate recognitions for Residential Complexes / Industrial / Commerical Establishments
  • Residential Bunglows/ Buildings
  • Car Park Areas