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Large Open Area PTZ Installations

PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) security cameras provide many benefits over standard stationary security cameras. With stationary cameras, the field of view is determined at the time of installation and will not change without a manual adjustment of the mounting angle or a change of the camera lens. PTZ cameras offer great flexibility and a simplified install with their ability to rotate on a 360 degree plane.

Just like our other security cameras, our PTZ cameras offer remote viewing software so you can view and even control your cameras from your laptop computer, iPad/iPhone, Android device, or other smartphone. PTZ cameras offer uncompromising security and, depending on the features you need.

All of our PTZ Cameras come with built-in tracking which can be set to detect motion and track the person or object, automatically panning, tilting or zooming to follow the person or object as it moves. This is a great benefit and will provide you with the video evidence you need in case of theft or vandalism to your property.

  • Large Open Areas/ Storage Yards | Speed Dome Cameras / PTZ solutions with Coverage upto 300 metres
  • Night View
  • Mines
  • Road/ Public Areas
  • Entertainment Parks / Gardens / Morning Walk Parks