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Comptronic Solutions offers seamless integration with 3rd party hardware products installed in the classrooms like e-podium, projectors, audio and video devices to extend an unparalleled feature of its extensive e-Learning suite accessible by the masses on any device / platform.

Education sector being one of the cornerstones of the society’s development needs to use these tools to enhance the experience of Teaching / Learning. Comptronic Solutions offers a leading e-Learning suite, which can connect and extend the Expert Availability to the remotest corners of the globe to connect the students who are unable to access it due to limited availability of necessary Infrastructure.

  • Gain a competitive edge with PeopleLink e-Learning Suite for extending effective content & lecture delivered to the students.
  • Virtualize your classrooms to optimize the Operating costs & expand the reach & connectivity even to the remote location.
  • Real Time sharing of Media with the students.
  • Unlimited Inbuilt recording in a non-proprietary format assists in creating a Digital Library for students to access later.