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Lift Access Control System

Elevator card access system plays an important role when comes to building security. An elevator transport passenger vertically to desire floor, but it has no intelligent to decide who cannot be send up.

Lift Access System build the intelligent into a lift controller. Consist of a controller panel installed in lift motor room. It is hardwired to lift controller with switch that turns on and off to tells the lift which level the lift should move too.

In the lift car, a card reader is deploy to screen through all access card. The reader perform two task in the lift card. First it will denied an unauthorised cardholder from pressing the lift level button, by disable all level button. Second it will turn on only the authorised floor button individual card holders.

Comptornic Solutions expertise in implementing lift access system in numerous government project, commercial building, factories, hotels, hospitals, etc. In our wide industry installation base, various types of card readers technologies have been installed, tested, in most leading brand of lift system used till today.