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Perimeter Walls and Motion Detection

We comptronic solutions provides sensors or Doppler sensors, detect walking, running or crawling human targets in an outdoor environment. We are pioneered the development of flexible, reliable RF links and transceivers for the protection of open areas, gates or entryways and rooftop or wall applications.

Our sensors generate an electromagnetic (RF) field between transmitter and receiver, creating an invisible volumetric detection zone. When an intruder enters the detection zone, changes to the field are registered and an alarm occurs.

Our sensors are easy to install, provide high probability of detection, low nuisance alarms and resistance to rain, fog, wind, dust, falling snow and temperature extremes. Most operate at K-Band frequency, maximizing detection performance and minimizing interference from external radar sources.

  • Cameras with Motion detection facility are installed on Walls
  • Auto Detection and Alarm with SMS/ Phone integration
  • Virtual Walls for Storage Yards / Security Areas