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Oil and Gas

Fire is the worst thing that can happen to an oil & natural gas collection site. All the time, effort and resources dedicated to a well pad can literally go up in smoke in minutes.

When ever fire occures due to any reason, the first responders had to fall back and allow the flames to die down before they could mount a successful firefighting effort. Clearly, site personnel were not able to fight the fire themselves. Even if they could have maneuvered into position quickly enough, which is questionable, they would not have had enough firefighting agent on hand with only handheld portable extinguishers at their disposal. (Once the fire became established, tankers filled with water from a nearby river had to be brought to the site in support.) But even if they had the resources, the dangerous nature of a congested fracking spread makes it inadvisable for anyone other than a trained, professional fire fighter to make the attempt. Fortunately, the wells themselves were not involved in this instance. Had they been, the entire situation likely would have been far worse, as other thermal events over the years have shown. Even so, with just the surface equipment involved, eight regional fire departments were needed to fight the conflagration.

Within the oil and gas industry, fire suppression on offshore rigs is known to be serious business. But this attitude towards land-based mobile equipment, despite all the known risks, for some reason has yet to be widely adopted. However, there is a growing sense across the industry that this is about to change as OEM’s and end users alike are engaging in conversations about the value of vehicle fire suppression systems. Incidents like the one referenced above are understandably accelerating the process.

Our range of electrical installation services includes the following components

* Consultancy
* Strategic planning/project planning/project management
* Delivery
* Construction (assembly)
  • Electrical tests and measurements, including power protection tests and ultra-modern cable measuring systems
  • Installations monitoring
  • Emergency preparedness