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Entertainment - Enjoying Audio and Video

Video Door Phone Security System is an electronic lock and provides video conversation with the guest and main door can be opened at the press of a button. It reduces manual work and provides full safety to the area. They are available in various specifications and can be customized as per the needs of the clients.

  • Every call from resident is recorded in system, helps you get closer service
  • RS485 isolator makes stronger system, either for each unit or each floor
  • Emergency button interface;

Video Door Phone used at single home, flat, tenaments, bunglow called "Door To Door Video Door Phone" In door to door vdp solution Outdoor VDP Unit installed at door side and Indoor VDP Screen installed at indoor area.

Number of indoor and outdoor unit may be vary on customer need for example some times one outdoor vdp unit with single screen, sometimes with more screen and sometimes two or more outdoor unit with single screen or more.

Electronic Locks Like EM Lock, Bolt Lock, Strike Locks can also attached with VDP because they provide Access Contol Support.

NightVision Outdoor VDP Unit also available to support nightvision functionality.

Comptronic Solutions multi apartment door phone system is a security system, mainly used in the Multi apartments, Multi storey buildings. Multi Apartment Video Intercom system is a tailor made and multi apartment’s video intercom system fulfills the need of the customer requirements. Multi apartment’s video intercom system is a two-level restriction system which avoids the strange person entering into our campus. For the owner of the particular apartment he/she is provided with RF card or Finger print to get-in or get-out. Parking area is installed with CCTV camera where we can view using indoor monitor.

IP video door phone solution is to control the visitor access through video screen which can be installed at the entrance with internet connection. We uses SIP standard VoIP signaling process function to interwork with our IP video door phone backend products such as access control server, video phone, video intercom, wall pad, smart phone and soft video phone to provide an excellent scalability. Also, it supports the latest audio/video codec at optimum level. IP video door phone selection standard is to accept the VoIP standard signal and convenience.