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Intelligent Controller Systems

We provide powerful intelligent controller with native network support and is scalable to 64 doors/openings.Built on the powerfull access control platform, the controller provides an Ethernet ready, fault-tolerant panel that can effi ciently manage a large network of access panels in any system design. The high-performance controller uses an Ethernet link to connect to a Windows or Linux based host and supports a redundant downstream communications for access control and alarm management - all in a single package. Capable of elaborate processes and procedures without host intervention, the intelligent controller, once programmed, can function independently of the host. It also supports a range of embedded functionality and interfaces with an array of hardware devices, all while providing the decision-making oversight that each every system confi guration requires. The controller is an intelligent access control platform for enterprise-wide performance and is best deployed in systems where high-end capabilities and network-ready capacity are required.