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Boom Barriers

Comptronic's Automatic Boom Barriers offer efficient security at exit and entry points of factories, office complexes, condominiums, parking lots, toll plazas, or any roadway entry where medium to heavy traffic is expected. The boom barrier is aesthetically designed with sleek and modern looks.

Features of the boom barrier include an inbuilt anti-crush safety device, which suspends the motion of the boom, should it meet any obstruction. Optional beam sensor provides further protection to vehicles. Auto-close of the boom barrier can be programmed through the controller. Duration of fast and slow speeds is programmed at the time of installation, according to the length of the boom and frequency of traffic expected.

However its electronic control panel is designed to accept signals from various controls and safety accessories.

All these features make Comptronic's automatic boom barrier the best in class entrance control equipment for your safety.

  • Residential - all solutions for residential installations
  • Building - maximum flexibility and simplicity of installation
  • Industrial - tailored performance for industrial applications

Inner cities are being closed for motorised traffic to improve shopping environment and reduce air pollution. Limited access for vehicles is provided i.e. for deliveries and contrac tors. Of course emergency vehicles will get unlimited and automated access. The Vehicle Gate Management System gives the municipality the option to restrict vehicle access and tailor the access for permitted vehicles based on preferred route, date and time and environmental specifications of the vehicle.

Access of authorized personnel and easy announcement and access of authorized visitors offers efficient secure management of the business park. Secured vehicle access to business parks reduces the need for securtiy personnel driving around. The access to the business park can be locked automatically or triggered by burglar alarm systems of residing companies. Theft drop to zero when vehicle access is controlled on business parks.

Vehicle access to gated communities and residential car parks can be managed remotely offering a higher service and efficiency level for the user at reduced operational costs.