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Conference and Training Rooms

Making sure that speakers and presentations are easily heard and intelligible at meetings is the key to getting the message across. Yamaha’s extensive know-how in both professional audio and digital technology offers significant advantages in this area. High performance speaker systems that maintain sonic integrity whether used at low or high volume, along with advanced DSP and network technology that is easy to operate, provide optimum solutions for conference rooms of any size.


Keeping the students’ attention focused on the subject at hand is a priority in any education situation. Although the curriculum itself is vital to achieving that goal, it is also necessary to ensure that lectures and presentations are clearly conveyed. Concentration can quickly wane in an environment where speech and/or music cannot be intelligibly heard. The Yamaha Commercial Installation Solutions lineup offers everything from high-performance speaker systems to signal processors that can help provide the most effective audio delivery for a wide range of requirements and systems of any size.

A notable feature of this system is that it serves a room that can be used as single large space or partitioned to function as multiple smaller spaces. The system can be set up to allow independent source selection and volume control for each partition, or the same source can be fed to all speakers when the entire room is used. In addition to the main room with partitions, separate controllers installed in several smaller rooms allow independent volume adjustment for those rooms as well.

Although this is a relatively simple conference room, it features a stereo speaker system installed to support video presentations shown on a screen. Ceiling speakers are also provided to ensure that speech and music are uniformly delivered to all attendees. The volume of the main stereo and ceiling speaker systems can be independently adjusted to match the application and number of participants.