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Built on a well-established reputation of superior sound quality and reliability, Comptronic Solutions unprecedented range of professional audio products are ubiquitous in sound reinforcement applications of virtually any scale around the globe. A great deal of this success can be attributed to a design ethic that seeks to maximize the performance and longevity of the component parts of a sound solution while improving overall system management. Utilizing the vast depth of experience and knowledge accrued during the development of such a wide range of professional audio sound systems, we develop a unique, comprehensive approach to installed sound applications that is exemplified by the expanding lineup of state-of-the-art products that comprise our Commercial installation Solutions. We are constantly working to ensure that our products and technologies reflect the ever-evolving trends and demands of the installation market— giving Yamaha a significant advantage in creating innovative new solutions that will continue to redefine the market itself.

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This application is an example of a system that can service the entire building with announcements and BGM, while providing PA and music playback facilities for presentations in individual rooms as well. All equipment other than the speakers is located in a central machine room, while controllers in each room or area allow remote operation and adjustment.

Music has become an indispensable feature at many apparel outlets. It can be anything from music that plays softly in the background to more dynamic sound intended to lift the customers’ mood and increase sales, depending on the concept of the store. In all cases operation must be as simple as possible so that the staff can concentrate on their jobs. Built on a foundation of musical instrument manufacture, Yamaha speaker systems are capable of reproducing music of any genre with full expression and atmosphere intact, and that in turn can contribute to the mood and image projected by the store. Combining those speaker systems with advanced Yamaha digital audio processing devices can help create an environment that customers want to return to again and again.

The time it takes for sound to travel from the front to the back of a large room like this causes a delay that can significantly reduce intelligibility. This situation can be improved by feeding the audio to speakers located at various points towards the back of the room with precisely calibrated delays so that all attendees, no matter where they are seated, receive consistently clear, well defined sound that can maximize concentration and make the program easier to absorb.