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Comptronic Solutions specialized in:

Complete Network Cable Plant Design and Installation
Telephone Systems, Sales and Service
Gigabit over ethernet
Fiber Optics
Network Cable Certification

Is your company looking into installing a new Computer Network or Telephone System? Not quite sure what the next step is, or where to turn?

At Comptronic Solutions, our knowledgeable and personable staff is dedicated to providing the best possible solutions for most any networking needs with the most up to date information and specifications for all types of networking configurations.

From simple telephones to multiline telephones, from one computer to multiple computers, Comptronic Solutions is here to help.

  • We provide Turnkey solution with Optimal Designs of connectivities
  • Fibre Optic Connectivity for Large Areas bring economies and better transmissions of Video Signals.
  • Modular Cabling to facilitate easy expandability of cameras with minimum extra cabling
  • Combination of Fibre / CAT6 / Video / Power Cabling
  • Power Over Ethernet ( PoE ) for significant savings of cost of power cabling.
  • Cabling Cost becomes very significant in large projects. We help our clients save money and increase reliability by designing the right cabling and connectivity solutions.